Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

When your melon is mushy and there are serpents in the darkness…

Tonight my melon is mushy. I feel all spinny, like my life is gone out of control. It feels like I am surrounded by unfriendly people who are enraged at me, yet I am all alone. Nothing but a stuffed bear to talk to and all he does is stare right thorugh you. Simplistic really.

Tonight my head is all mushy.  My thoughts all jumbled.  I sit here in the dark with no friends, and no wonder.  I am a bad Giraffe really.  The only ones interested in calling me repeatedly are debt collectors, and they never miss an hour.  Computerized thugs, always wanting to sue me, drain me and pulverize me.  Nice life really.

Darkness is a serpent with no pity for the damned.  I am damned, and I sit here in darkness.  I look at life differently than most people, mainly because I am a Giraffe.  Some think that I am funny, and others like to laugh at my wackiness, but in truth I am lost.  I do not sit around and pray for God to intervene.  I happen to know that God left at intermission and we are well into the second act,

Mushy Mushy

 and it is our responsibility to remember our lines, follow the script or re-write it as we see fit.  He is not even in the balcony anymore with one hand clapping. 

So when I say that I hate the darkness, and that I hate my life, it is the closest thing to truth that I know.  I do not know at this time what the future holds.  These mean people want to take everything I have, and make me start all over and still hunt me through the forest as I try to rebuild.  I am not sure about tomorrow.  My only certainty is now at this point.  And even that I am not sure of.

Tonight I have a mushy melon, and my thoughts are rambling.  If you see a debt collector coming my way, kick them for me.  This Giraffe is tired of kicking.  My head is mushy, and I sit here in the dark.

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