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When a Picture tells a story within a story…

You know, I really like it when a picture tells a story.  I mean, you know it is a good picture, when you can look at it and after carefully studying it, it tells a story all unto itself.  It really is quite amazing, and as a Giraffe, I like a good photograph that talks to me.  I have assembled a small collection of some of my favorite ones I have collected, and I invite you to study them carefully, and see if you can see the hidden story these photographs are telling.  Sometimes the surface is not what it seems.

Let’s take a look at this first one.  Can you see the hidden story within it?  Examine it carefully, and leave a comment on this blog if you get it.  We will call this photo #1.

Do you see a story within a story here? Look carefully...

Okay, now that you have completely uncovered all there is to know about the story in that photo, let’s look at photo #2.  Does this say anything special to you?  If so, comment on this blog as well.

I am inspired by the determination of this runner, and his struggle with the forces of nature! Look how the crowd is in awe!

Finally, this one needs very little explanation.  However easy it is to see the story in photo #3, one can only imagine the conversations that occured a few minutes following this snap shot.  Leave your comments on what you suppose those might be as well.

Whoa! Pull over! I need to look at something closer... Is your tail light in order?

Well that concludes today’s exercise.  I hope you got as much out of these photos as I did!  Cheerio!

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