Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

The Legend of the Dinosaur Giraffes

Many do not realize that Prehistoric Giraffes were once the dominant species on planet earth.  Yes, it is true!  Dinosaur Giraffes once ruled the world, and all would quiver when they tromped about!  These dinosaur Giraffes were the ancient ancestors of modern day giraffes, and were more dangerous than the hollywood famous T-Rex. 

Our ancient ancestor was fierce and could stomp things...

If you can imagine a huge Giraffasaurus tromping around with his long neck, and roaring!  He would scare anyone!  There are depictions in history books of our proud ancestor, and some people in the modern day have saw fit to build replicas of this fearsome cousin.  So if you wonder why Giraffes are so strong and organized against lions, it is because we at one time used to eat them and stomp them into the earth like little bugs! 

Evolution made us into more swift and graceful bodies, different from our ancient cousins, but the attitude is still with us!  We can roar when we want to, and we can stomp and we can bite things.  So be careful when messing with Giraffes, as we might suddenly revert to instincts deep within our subconscious, and become very dangerous.  Take that as a warning lions!

A tribute to our ancient cousin!

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