Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

That Giraffe is My Brother

Rock on Brother!

You know I am a proud founding member of the Giraffe Liberation Front.  My fellow GLF members are my brothers.  I do  not care how they behave, or what they do.  Be they political, radical or just plain senseless, they are my brothers and sisters.  We are united in Giraffe Liberty and we will do the opposite of what you expect. 

We are not your zoo keepers caged Giraffe, nor are we pets.  We are the Giraffe Liberation Front.  So piss off!  WE ARE A UNITED INTERNATIONAL FORCE!  We take our stand against all things that cruel to Giraffes worldwide, and we do not tolerate Giraffe abuse of any kind.  We have been known to protest zoos, and even may be responsible for a few zoo breaks now and then. 

Giraffe, you are my brother!

So join us or fear us, whatever suites your fancy.  We are the reticulated army of many, and few.  When you hange with us, you are not walking on the dark side or the light side, but more like the ‘orange’ side.  We do things our own way, and we party like you never dreamed. 

We can kick your ass at football, and knock you off your feet from 200 yards with a flying salmon.  We are the unexpected, and the crazy.  We are the liberated Giraffes that stand for freedom!  You do not have to be a Giraffe to join us, just be a supporter and let out your own inner Giraffe and we will gladly except you. 

If you are a lion, hyena or crocodile, do not expect our friendship.  Sorry, but we have your number and know your game.  Not playing that one.  So that is a quick summary of who we are, and I am sure other GLF members will expand on points I have omitted here. 

Join the Giraffe Liberation Front!

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