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Selective Pooping

Some prefer to poop on famous people...

You know I have come to realize that there are places I prefer to poop, and places I am uncomfortable doing so.  I know that there are people that will hold it until they can get home before they poop, and avoid using a public restroom.  It is kind of like having a preferred or selective pooping location that you are most comfortable with. 

Now it sometimes happens that others do not agree with your choice, and thus you might encounter conflict.  For example, I am most comfortable pooping down my neighbors chimney.  It is a high place with a nice view, and there is no risk of being snuck up on by a lion.  However, for some reason, my neighbor objects to this.  He has even called the police on me when he drives into his driveway and sees me up there. 

Concentration is everything! Focus!

Imagine how uncomfortable it is for me!  Here I am concentrating, and trying to ‘focus’ as you all know, and suddenly there are bull horns and spotlights and all kinds of distractions!  It is hard to squeeze anything out!  So I always try to do my selective pooping with some precaution, and walk light footed up the incline of his roof and I try to time it for when he is not home.  It is awkward, but it my confort zone for pooping, and I find it hard to change.  Do you practice selective pooping?  Comment on this post, and tell me about your experiences.

You know experts say it is all in the concentration, and keeping yourself focused.  I have trouble when they bring out the helicopters, but perhaps I need more practice. 

Still there is nothing more liberating than a good old release no matter where or what location your favorite spot is.  I guess it is most important that you experience relief and enjoy yourself.

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