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Questions I Can’t Answer

Throughout my life as a little Giraffe, I have had many an adventurous time.  However, there are many questions that I have been asked that I have no answer to.  Here is a list.  See if you can find an answer for me:

How do I answer these questions for the not so bright?

“Whatever possessed you to bring dead rodents into church, and fling them over the heads of the congregation young one?”

See what I mean?  How in the hell do you answer that?  Here is another one:

“You wouldn’t happen to know why there are cheetos and rubber ducks floating in your niehgbor Mr. Crumpke’s unearthed septic tank, or why there are muddy foot prints leading to your door  Mr. Raffe?”


How about this one:

“So you expect the court to believe that your slapping that police officer across the face with a frozen salmon coated with grease was an expression of endearment?”

You see.  There are just questions in life I cannot answer. 

Really, how to do I explain any of it?


What are some of the questions you face that you can’t answer?

I mean there are people that just cannot begin to understand where I am coming from, and so how can I bridge the gap and even try to answer their questions?  They are unanswerable really.

So those are just a few of the questions I can’t answer.  I am sure you have a few yourself.  Mine kind of run philosophical and deep, but so be it.

I am really not interested in trying to answer questions I can’t answer.  So why bother even dwelling on it?

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