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Michelle Obama: Flatulence or First Lady ‘Poof’?

Is it Flatulence or a First Lady ‘Poof’?

Michelle Obama engages in flatulence? Really, truthfully!  Does it stink? Some people think they are the exception to the rule.  Perhaps they are.  Has anyone ever smelled a royal fart?  I mean, it is possible it does not smell…  What about a presidential one?  How about a first lady ‘poof’?

There is perhaps no more social strain than a high profile person at dinner lifting one cheek and letting it all rip. Maybe it is accepted, and maybe it is not.  Maybe is it alright if your husband just waves his hand and says ‘Honey! You did it again ha-ha!’ 

Does that make is no socially acceptable?  I mean if Michelle Obama can rip one and everyone is compelled to ‘laugh along’ so as not to offend, what about all the rest of us?  Is that why she is not invited back to England?  Is the Queen tired of turning on fans?

I would be, and I am just a giraffe.  Thankfully I am blessed with some height that I can lean farther away in the wind, but what about everyone else?  If you are at the dinner table, do you just put your hand on your chin and smile as big as you can and pretend to enjoy it?  Perhaps that is all you can do…  Or lean to your left over your blue dress and congratulate her for hitting all the notes in her ‘tuba solo‘ right?  Might as well go along with it, or she might do an encore as everyone gags asking her husband to ‘pull her finger’.

That’s right.  Here is photo evidence of everyone supposedly ‘enjoying one‘ squeezed out by Michelle Obama at the dinner table.  Gives new meaning to ‘Hope and Change’.  Hope they all laugh, and ‘hope‘ you don’t have to ‘change‘ your panties…

Poof!  Ha-Ha!  We enjoyed it!  Do it again!

Add your own sound effects as you read this…

Giraffopia photo credit: Barack Obama via photopin cc

(The purpose of this blog is for humor only. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.)

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