Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Lions Deserve an ‘L’ on their Forehead

I think Lions are mean.  In general, they suck.  They eat Giraffes, and for that reason they deserve an ‘L’ on their forehead, for being such a loser.  Lions generally hunt a Giraffe in a pack, or ‘pride’ and once they separate them out from other Giraffes, they scratch them and bite at them until they become their dinner. 

Lions Deserve an 'L' on their Forehead

Well I am here to tell you something!  Giraffes can kick!  And there have been reported cases of Giraffes kicking lions to death.  So watch out lions!  You suck, and we are organizing and coming for you.  I have a group on Facebook called the ‘Giraffe Liberation Front’ and we are a united group of Giraffes and Giraffe supporters who are saying ENOUGH TO THIS NONSENSE!

Lions think they can just go around eating Giraffes with no consequences?  That we will not organize a kicking party because they have a shaggy mane?  Or perhaps we are supposed to piddle when we hear them roar? 

Lions deserve an ‘L’ on their forehead, and my blog is here to tell you that.  Giraffes are tall, and in fact we are the tallest animals on earth!  Do you understand what that means?  It means were are the closest to the almighty, and that means we hear everything he has to say first!  So you can trust me on this, Lions suck.  I am a complete supporter of placing an ‘L’ on the foreheads of lions everywhere, especially the stupid ones in the zoos.  King of the beast indeed!  Wait until they experience a Giraffe kick!  No lion survives a Giraffe kick.  Mark them with an ‘L’ I say, so we have a target to kick at.  We will open up and whoop them!  Wait and see!

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