Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Giraffes are gods, and Los Angeles is clouded in farts

Giraffes are godsGiraffes are gods.  We are not the god, but we are in a class of gods.  Really, and truthfully we are.  We are tall so that we can see above all, and that extra height really impacts how we see the world.

Some look upon us as goofy, or even a bit peculiar.  Sure, we have a special look, that is for sure.  Have no doubt, however, we can look right through you and quite often see what you are thinking.

When you fart near us, our reaction is typically later than other species as there is a delay before the fumes reach our noses.  This just an example.  This is also a reason that we dislike Los Angeles, California as there seems to be a cloud of farts that lingers over that city.

Have you ever driven into Los Angeles?  People that live there seem to not even notice any more!  Farts are a way of life for them.  They have a huge cloud right over their city, and no one cares but the giraffes who have to smell it because we are so tall.

Los Angeles is clouded in farts, and thus we have tried to boycott that city.   However, they still have a few of our species held hostage in zoos in the area, and that is an outrage!

We would like the people of Los Angeles to consider renaming their city from ‘The City of Angels’ to the ‘The City of Flatulence‘.  In Spanish that would be ‘Cuidad de Flatulance’ or perhaps we could simply go with the catchier ‘Los Fartos‘.

If you are a giraffe, it will make sense to call a city an appropriate name.  It is what we giraffes call that city, whether or not it is official yet.  Can you imagine the next Olympics being held in Los Fartos?  The five rings would look like toilet seats!

Giraffopia photo credit: thejbird via photopin cc

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