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Food that Aligns with Life: The Turd Sandwich

If there was one food that aligns with life, it is the turd sandwich.  Life sometimes has a way of making things difficult.  Sometimes societies develop into a higher level of stupidity by electing leaders to run things that really do not make sense.  Food can align with life, if you really look for it.


The turd sandwich of life.

In some cultures, the turd sandwich is a delicacy.  It might surprise you, but it is true.  Leadership of countries hand them out with every news segment.  They also make life miserable for the little guy working in his daily life.  They tax the rich, give to the ‘poor’ and eventually there are no more ‘rich’.  This is a philosophical ‘turd sandwich‘ no matter how you express it, because the money taken never really gets to the poor, just some government agency.

Life in general also has a way of serving out turd sandwiches with natural disasters, bad weather and general unpleasantness of hot or cold temperatures.  It is indecent, and unpalatable.

Don’t get down about it.  Just eat yours and move on.  Try to find better food, or in the case of politics and climate, intelligent leaders and nicer places to live.  You might have to eat turd sandwiches as the unspoken truth of society, but you only have to do this as long as you allow it to be that way.

There will come a time in this world where common sense rises above the norm of over the top goofy stupidity, andsmall_1582291 turd sandwiches will be removed from the menu.  Until then, consider that unless you do something about it and keep yourself grounded as you do to common sense, the world will be filled with professional chef’s dishing out turd sandwiches to the masses.  Many who dine on these daily do not realize they are doing so.  It is because they are blinded in an illusion, much like food in Peter Pan’s ‘Never-Neverland’.  

So people eat them with vigor thinking they are something else, and something special that they need.  Check what you are dining on in life, and make sure it is not a turd sandwich.  Give it a sniff, and really try to see it for what it is, not what you are told it is.

Giraffopia photo credit: mugley via photopin cc; and also photo credit: MikeWebkist via photopin cc

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