Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Exploration into Controversy

Controversial art is cool!

As a Giraffe on the edge, I often find myself engaged in controversial issues.  I have decided that I will no longer hold myself back, but will explore with malice aforethought all controversy that crosses my path.  I will probably offend some people, and you might even think I am nuts.  Some of you will hate me.  That’s fine with me.  I am looking to create that reaction in you, to bring out your inner giraffe. 

You can find out about my controversial and radical group called the ‘Giraffe

Did you buy this controversial issue? I sure would have!

 Liberation Front’ on my ‘About’ page on this blog.  Feel free to indulge yourself.  I for one, can no longer restrain myself in the headwind of full resistance to controversy.  What is wrong with it?  I think if it makes you angry, you need to lighten up.   What else is there in this world but one big controversial hodge-podge of puke we call ‘society’? 

I mean I love things that get everyone all buzzing.  I once held a celebration with my friend Gerry Giraffe over the GLF’s achievement of reaching 666 members!  We called it ‘Devil’s Night Out’ and had a lot of people wanting to go out with us to do devilish things.  Then, we got some one going off one us and preaching about god, etc.  They missed the whole point.  That person abandoned our group, citing religious convictions.  All it did was create more controversy, and we held our party and got rebeliously drunk over it.

So as a Giraffe that is living life like there is no tomorrow, I hope you will enjoy some of the controversial photos I have chosen to include in this post.  Take a moment to comment if you wish. 

To me this is just fashion! Why all the fuss?

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