Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Emphatic Giraffe Speech: We are Laughing at you

Emphatic Giraffe speech

Photo credit: Jane M. Sawyer

Our giraffe culture is different that humans with our emphatic giraffe speech.  We can clearly express our ideas, quite often better than humans.  Some do not think we can, and call us silly for trying, however we are masters as expression.

Oh, sure we are regarded as humorous and have often been included in jokes for amusement.  However, we are not as silly as some of you might take us for.  We can express ourselves, and often do.  You are the ones who cannot understand us, and for that we are secretly laughing at you.

Therefore, the next time you laugh at a giraffe, and think we are funny, realize something: we are laughing back at you.  We have an entire belly full of laughter going off in your direction, just because we think you are funny.

We are the giraffes, and we are laughing at you emphatically.  We are so high up that you might not notice us wink at each other across a distance, and laugh secretly behind your back.  Trust me, we are.  You are hysterical to us.  We might not point a hoof, but we will lay our ears back and let out a whoop now and then.


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