Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Don’t get mad when you have to stand in line for pizza!

I love pizza, but even when I have to wait in line for my pizza, I don’t get all mad about it.  I mean, sure, pizza is great any everything, and when I really want pizza it is a drag to have to wait for it.  However, if people are in front of me in line for pizza, I don’t go getting all mad and excited like this young man is in this photo.  I mean what is the point? 

The point is: Don't be angry about waiting, it will come! Trust me!

Look at this photo carefully, and comment on whether you agree with me.  I think this exemplifies my point!  Be cool when you are waiting for your pizza, and be patient, and don’t get all angry about it!  It will come!  You will be able to stick your fingers in it in short order!  Believe me it is true!

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