Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Put your tongue straight up!

| June 6, 2014

Put your tongue straight up! Have you looked around you?  It is summer outside! Put your tongue straight up!  Feel the air, and feel the sky!  Giraffes have a unique way of experiencing life, and one way it so use our tongues.  Here is a perfect example. Whip out your tongue today and let it […]

Giraffe Leaping

| February 5, 2013

Did you know that we giraffes enjoy leaping?  Probably never thought about it, but we do.  We are actually pretty good at it.  Some say we can leap better than frogs, but I do not want to argue about that.  Sometimes people get the idea that we giraffes are somehow limited in our abilities, and […]

Twelve Great Places for a Raw Egg

| June 23, 2011

I thought I would write an article that is very important to me tonight.  I call this ‘Twelve great places for a raw egg’.  I believe in giving informative advice to those that like me have the mindset to create mischief 24/7.  The raw egg is the ultimate ‘dirty bomb’ that goes back eons.  Why […]

Are You a Master Baiter?

| March 8, 2011

You know fishing is a skill that even Giraffes learn. Why you might ask?  Because we engage in tossing salmon as a sporting activity, and thus fishing is a subject of interest to us. That being said, let’s examine a few things.  Are you a master baiter?  Have you learned to put a worm on […]