Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Santa Claus Exposed

| December 21, 2010

You know, following Santa Claus around is not easy.  He really makes his rounds, and as anyone can guess, he moves pretty fast during his big night.  He has to, because he has a lot of ground to cover.  Ever wonder what he does in the off season?  I mean some people claim he is […]

The Abduction and Revelations of Blitzen the Reindeer

| December 16, 2010

Last week I used confidential information and arranged for the abduction of Blitzen the reindeer from Santa’s famous band of sleigh haulers.  Initially, I gave orders for abduction of anyone of the 12 reindeer, with the intention of using anyone of them.  My band of Giraffe bandits ended up seizing Blitzen.  We held Blitzen for […]

To sensitive for Facebook? Or an unpleasant reminder of a competitor?

| November 13, 2010

You know just today I logged into my Facebook account to find a warning posted that I had a photo removed from my  profile page that was reported to FB as offensive.  I admit I am a sometimes gross and disturbed Giraffe, and I perhaps lack the proper taste in my humor.  However, after much […]

Do Chickens Have Hairy Butts?

| October 13, 2010

I want to pose the question, DO CHICKENS HAVE HAIRY BUTTS?  Am I being rude by suggesting such an idea?  Well explain the hair I found on my egg this morning, before I cracked it open!  Yes hair!  Not curly, or bristle like hair either.  Long fluffy hair, as one would expect a hairy butt […]