Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Butt scratching in public: Is it an etiquette infraction or a glorious relief?

Ever have that need to scratch? Do you really care if others notice? Is butt scratching in public obvious?  Some would say they can pick out a butt-scratch a mile away, whereas other try to pride themselves with the idea that they do not notice.  However, I would suggest that it is noticeable, and quite obvious, and quite possibly one of the most glorious moments out there.

Let’s look at a family trip to Disney World.  You take a photo of the street view at the amusement park.  You want to show your friends later.  When you come home, you examine the pictures more carefully and discover a butt scratch front and center.

Butt Scratch at Disney

It may not have been obvious at the time, but through the magic of photography the moment is captured in time.  In fact the photograph takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

Therefore we can pose the question: Does a butt scratch improve a photo?  Look at the example above.  The white puffy clouds create an almost surreal back drop to the moment of what we can only assume is pure joy!  We can imagine the face of the man scratching and feel his relief vicariously!  Others pass him in the street, and do not take notice of his pleasure but we can.

We can look at this photo and say aloud to ourselves: this is more than just a typical photo of an amusement park!  It is a photo balanced with artistic reflection of the musings of society, the hustling of the passing crowd and yet centered in complete relief! The man scratching his butt could be perhaps best exemplify a complete escape from the trappings of the world!

Does this photo not offer up a moment of liberation for you when you see it in this manner?  It almost brings a tear to your eye knowing that this mere mortal in the middle of all those trappings of the amusement park held dear to his fundamental freedom and let loose with a scratch because he needed the relief!  How wonderful is that?  Consider this is not an infraction against social etiquette, but something far greater and glorious!

Giraffopia photo credit: mason13a via photopin cc

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