Ridiculous Reticulation by a Preposterous Giraffe on the Edge

Back to my naughty ways

Toodles G. Raffe

Toodles G. Raffe

Hello everyone, Toodles here!  I am back to my naughty ways! Just coming back from a long hiatus in which I was sequestered from an onslaught of lion haters.  I have returned to my blog here to bring to the world my unique insight and enlightenment on what you perceive to be true.  I want to thank all of our loyal fans who have continued to visit our site, even though there have been no new posts in a year.

Back to my naughty ways!However, let me step back for a moment and introduce myself.  I am a giraffe, in case you have not noticed.  My name is Toodles. The world is not as friendly to my species as one might think.  In fact one might even go so far to say that we are treated worse than dogs.  “Dogs?” you might ask.  Yes, dogs.  My kind is thrown in zoos and not allowed to roam free.  We are treated at best like something to gawk at, rather than just let roam free to be admired.  Ask yourself this question: “When was the last time you went to the zoo to see a dog in a cage?”  With the answer to that question, you see some of my viewpoint in a nutshell.

So I have returned to blogging after lions have so viciously attacked me and killed my profile on Facebook.  Yes, temporarily I am no longer on FB.  There seems to be a prejudice against giraffes with that organization, and I was becoming too powerful.  However, I have maintained an alliance with the Giraffe group I founded while in exile, and will soon be back to my naughty ways.

You may have noticed some changes to this blog if you have not visited in awhile.  We at the Giraffe Liberation Front Headquarters thought is was time for a change, and therefore we updated the look and functionality of the website.  We also moved it from to so that we can control our independence, and not risk an attack as we have on other forms of social media.

Our views are outrageous to many, but to us, they make sense.  Fear not!  The giraffes have returned and we are stronger.  Our new site even has sponsors, so please support them as they are loyalists to our cause.  So feel free to explore our new site, and take part in our polls as well.  We are now more interactive for giraffe lovers than ever before.

So strap on your seat belts, as we are about to go where no giraffe has gone before.  We will poke fun at all that is decent in our society, and shine the spotlight on those that are not.  I am back to my naughty ways, and there are no holds barred in this venture!

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