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Are You a Master Baiter?

Do you have the skills to become a Master Baiter?

You know fishing is a skill that even Giraffes learn. Why you might ask?  Because we engage in tossing salmon as a sporting activity, and thus fishing is a subject of interest to us.

That being said, let’s examine a few things.  Are you a master baiter?  Have you learned to put a worm on a hook?  I believe even kids at a young age should learn to play with their worms, and put them the right way for success on the hook.  You know what I mean?  They should be taught to become master baiters at a young age, and really get a grip on things.

Fishing is a game of survival and can provide a great source of food.  So learning to conquer master baiting is important to planting the seed of the future.  It is a skill few master. 

Let’s take the hook.  It is a barbie hook?  or a one of those crooky hooks?  It does make a

Learning how to hold your worm is key to becoming a Master Baiter!

 difference on how you grip the worm.  You will want to hold is just so with a barbie, so the worm will slide right in and hang on. 

Crooky hooks can make the worm slide out prematurely.

With a crooky, you may want to apply some corn to prop it up, or it might slide out.

So becoming a master baiter is a skill that everyone should explore, and develop.  It will bring you lots of satisfaction, and enjoyment too.  Here is an important tip though: Be sure to wash your hands when you are done with your master baiting lessons, as they can get all smelly and sticky. 

Another fun thing to try is to practice master baiting in a swimming pool.  It is more challenging in water than you think, as you will not only have to hold your worm, but keep yourself up.  It will help you think like a fish too, and man is it fun! 

Well, I hope you have a successful career in master baiting!

Practicing Master Baiting in the swimming pool can give you hours of enjoyment! It all comes down to how long you can keep it up.

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